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Colorful invoice stuffers offer an effective marketing strategy for marketing additional services or products to your customers with your invoices or statements. You save postage costs by having your advertising delivered right with your statement or invoice. Additionally, you are guaranteed a 100 percent delivery and opening rate.  Remember, repetition is the key to success in advertising so keep the stuffers coming every month.  Your best return will come from delivering your message over and over again.  To design your invoice stuffer for best results, give it the glance test. Does your main benefit or message jump out at you at a glance? For best results, your headline and photograph should both work together to support your main message. Your invoice stuffer must contain a hook or something to lure the customer to take action, like a special offer. In order for the stuffer to do its job, you must offer a visible and easy call to action. The more choices you offer the better; consider offering all of the following: A website where the identical promotion can easily be acted upon, the phone with a person available to answer the incoming calls, and a return card to mail or send a long with a check. Last, make sure the design reflects your image.  To see hundreds of ideas for invoice stuffers see sample ideas.

Consider using full color postcards to market additional services to your customer’s as well.  RND can also provide you with clear plastic door hanger bags to place your invoice and advertising materials in when you deliver your invoice at the time of performing the work.

For additional educational marketing ideas see Resources.

RND has serviced over 30,000 outdoor home service businesses with effective marketing tools.  To review our efficient manufacturing process, from the design of your product through shipping, see how-it works.