Professional, full color newsletters offer an informative and effective marketing strategy for building customer loyalty as well as presenting your services and products.  Newsletter can be delivered to your customers cost effectively with your invoices or statements to save postage costs.  Nothing will build customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising more effectively than educationally based newsletters.  To design your newsletter for best results, you must provide information that interests your reader and is useful to them. To come up with interesting article for your readers, think about what information would be timely.

Answering common customer questions can always be an informative eye catcher. Inviting a guest author or an expert in the field to interview can be noteworthy. Make sure the articles are not written like a sales brochure but rather a newspaper article written by a third party. Remember your goal is to provide useful, factual information to benefit the reader. Try to insert quotes whenever necessary.


Use your front page to grab the reader’s attention. There are only two kinds of newsletters, those that get read and those that get tossed.  You must create enough interest for them to read the articles and  raise the level of the readers interest in order to encourage them to take a specific action. To accomplish this goal you must first design an eye catching front page. Start with making your newsletters name (definitely different than your company name) unusual and catchy. Combine your newsletters name in an attractive newsletter banner with an eye catching feature article to successfully get your readers attention. As a general rule of thumb, use one graphic per article; good graphics along with your articles headline are the first things to attract your reader’s eye. Graphics scattered throughout the newsletter also provide your reader with visual breaks from all of the articles and text. Remember, the goal of the article headlines and graphics is to move the readers interest into the articles.

Be sure to consult with RND graphic artist to supply attractive background colors as well as eye pleasing layouts and design. To see hundreds of ideas for newsletters see sample ideas.

An additional marketing idea to build customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising for your company is to send your customers custom thank you cards.  Holiday greeting cards can also become remarkable marketing strategies. To really WOW your prospects, consider doing something your competition is not doing. When you do something remarkably different, your customers will talk about you.

For additional educational marketing ideas see Resources.

RND has serviced over 30,000 outdoor home service businesses with effective marketing tools.  To review our efficient manufacturing process, from  the design of your product through shipping, see how-it works.