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Professional, full color flyers offer an effective marketing strategy for marketing to neighbors to acquire new prospects.  When your service people are doing work in the neighborhood, you save postage costs by having your service people deliver flyers to neighbors of your customer while they are in the neighborhood. It works best to deliver the flyer inside a clear plastic door hanger bag so the advertisement can be placed on the door and protected from inclement weather. The other advantage to flyers is that there is no envelope to open so your message starts working instantly. Remember, repetition is the key to success in advertising.  Your best return will come from delivering your message to the same target market over and over again.

To design your flyer for best results, give it the glance test. Does your main benefit or message jump out at you at a glance? For best results, your headline and photograph should both work together to support your main message. Your flyer must contain a hook or something to lure the customer to take action, like a special offer. Next think about how you are going to generate trust and confidence. In order for the flyer to do its job, you must offer a visible and easy call to action. The more choices you offer the better; consider offering all of the following: A convenient website, the phone number with a person available to answer the incoming calls, and a return card. Since most flyers are printed on a lighter weight stock, it will be necessary to print your flyer on a post card weight stock if you want to attach a return post card. Last, make sure the design reflects your image and not to put too much detailed copy into the flyer. Remember, your goal is to create a prospect so you have an opportunity to make a sale. To see hundreds of ideas for flyers see sample ideas.

Consider using full color lawn signs as an alternative to flyers to promote your services to neighbors. Door hangers are also a great tool to market to neighbors; they are professional looking and can be hung directly on the door. Colorful stuffers left with your invoice at the door in a clear plastic door hanger bag can also be a very effective marketing strategy to sell add on services to your existing customers.

For additional educational marketing ideas see Resources.

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