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Professional, full color business thank you cards offer an effective marketing strategy for building customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising. Nothing will build customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising more effectively than doing something your competition does not do…yet the customer appreciates. How many ways can you really differentiate yourself from the competition to stand out in your customer’s mind? How do you become remarkable to generate word of mouth advertising? A simple “thank you for your business”  is an excellent start. Remember to personalize your thank you with a photo of your employees or your customer service staff. Many companies will offer a coupon for an optional service for next year as a special thank you.

An additional marketing idea to build customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising for your company is to send your customers holiday greeting cards. You can also send a free gift as a name retention product along with your thank you or holiday cards. Refrigerator magnets, calendars, and rain gauges or mower measures can make for a thoughtful gift that will keep your company name and phone number hanging around the house.

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