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Professional presentation folders with full color inserts offer an informative and effective marketing strategy for presenting your services and products to new prospects. If you are making sales presentations face to face, you will want to utilize professional presentation folders and inserts to assist your sales people with effective marketing tools that project a professional image and build confidence to make a purchase. Nothing can do this as well as professionally designed presentation folders with full color, informative inserts.

To design your inserts for best results, you must grab the reader’s attention, create enough interest for them to read the copy, raise the level of the readers interest in what you are offering, and encourage the reader to take a specific action.

To get the reader’s attention, start with determining why people want to buy your product or service. What is the most important thing you can do for a person? What is the most important problem you can solve for them? How is your product going to fulfill their needs? Once you understand your company’s primary benefit, grab their attention by expressing your message with a headline and a photograph that will not only get their attention but also create enough interest to read the copy. So make sure your headlines are benefit oriented.  Always remember the reader is only interested in themselves, not the company, so everything contained on the inserts must focus on the benefits of how they will enjoy the product.  Next you must give them a reason to act now with some type of time limited special offer. You must make it very clear as to how you want them to take action as well as making it very easy for them to respond. Last, you must build confidence and remove any risk; many companies do this with a money back guarantee.

The presentation folder will hold six inserts inside the two pockets. By varying the height of each insert, you will be able to physically expose each of the six inserts. This effective presentation will allow you to present different services and products on each insert. Consider using one of the inserts for presenting your call to action, special offers, and instructions for what specific actions you want your prospect to take. Your over- all design and the quality of your images are very important, so be sure to get as much help as you need from RND’s talented graphic artists.

For another option, consider using full color sales brochures during your face to face sales presentations.

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