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Door hangers are one of the oldest and most successful forms of direct marketing for lawn care companies. The primary reason they are so successful is pretty easy to understand -- your customer must handle them to remove the door hanger from their front door. To grab a prospect’s attention, the design and language of your door hanger is important to winning this type of sale. In this article we discuss lawn care door hanger marketing and advertising tips to boost revenues.

Direct mail and postcard marketing is the best way to get a guaranteed moment to introduce your lawn care business to potential customers. While other types of advertising can miss your customers entirely, a postcard will be in their stack of mail and ensure a brief moment of consideration with your target prospect. This moment can last as little as 1 second, so it is vitally important your direct mail postcard is designed in a way that has “attention grabbing power.”

The most likely people to buy your products or services are the customers who have already bought them, as the trust they have in your products or services is already built in. Statement stuffer marketing, like other up-selling or cross-selling techniques, can enhance your profitability while also providing your customer with an increase in value.

A professional lawn care services brochure will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. When you consider the investment to acquire a prospect, it is foolish to expect to successfully close a high percentage of sales without professional sales literature.

Professional, full color brochures create credibility. People expect a “real” lawn care company to have professional sales literature. Plus, prospects appreciate informative brochures to take home and read at their leisure. A good brochure also adds a personal touch, telling the reader what’s in it for them.

Getting word of mouth referrals from your customers can be the most effective form of advertising, especially in the lawn care and landscaping industry. With a sales referral, your prospect is already pre-sold -- confidence and trust has been established in your company through the referring party, resulting in a sale much more often than through traditional marketing avenues.

Are you achieving your sales growth targets? More often than not, sales growth is not realized because not enough time was spent on the details of developing an effective annual marketing plan. Do you really know the wants and needs of your target market? Do you measure each marketing strategy to determine where you are getting your best return from advertising expenditures? Do you have an annual marketing plan in writing……including the costs?  Do you collect marketing ideas from your employees who are in contact with your customers?

Many businesses operate under the false impression that marketing is simply advertising to sell more products and services. In reality, a successful marketing plan entails so much more. Everything a company does is marketing. Therefore, a comprehensive, well thought out marketing plan is an investment in the company’s future.

Are your Customers Providing You With Sales Growth?

Does your business thrive from strong brand identity within your market place or are your services and products lost in a sea of competition?

Many businesses operate under the false impression that marketing is simply advertising to sell products or services. In reality, a successful marketing plan entails much more. Everything a company does is marketing. The ultimate goal of any successful marketing program is to build brand awareness. A strong brand will build loyal customers, promote word of mouth advertising, and attract new prospects.

Do you remember the excitement you felt and the hopes you had the first day you opened the doors for your business? Of course! Many have described

this day akin to the feeling of having a newborn child.


On the flip side in all of this excitement, is the crushing sense of defeat when many find themselves with the reality that it is time to close those doors. This can often feel like a death in the family. Accompanied with this sense of defeat are all of the questions many ask themselves of "What went wrong?" or "What could I have done different?".